Jadakiss - Lil Bruh Mp3

Lil' Bruh Mp3 by Jadakiss Ft. Pharrell

Jadakiss Ft. Pharrell - Lil' Bruh Mp3

hold your hand lil’ brush
you’re not dead lil’ brush!
you are brown when this world is black and white low lil’ brush,
i know how it sounds low lil’ brush!
i times i …life can seem miserable,
but lil’ brush …you got a lot of …living the….
you gotta go get it, they won’t gonna give it to you!
just what you’re saying, watch what you’re delivering too,
..cause you won’t never know when it rains,
you could never feel the love without knowing the pain.
brace it in the pinky rain, go with the change,
this different kind of jewels …your brain.
bracing your down fall, when you’re doing your thing,
if something happens while you’re in charge …to blame you!
…the better, stay flat, don’t respect the ..of letter.
when you get them never let up, when you fall get up!
wipe the tears off, hid the blood and the sweater,
if you don’t say nothing, can’t be set up,
always stay tall, make sure you hold your head up!

hold your head lil’ brush!
you’re not dead lil’ brush!
you are brown when this world is black and white low lil’ brush,
you know how it sounds lil’ brush!
but you’re … lil’ brush!

aha! check me out!
yeah! ain’t nobody going for nobody’s money out here!
you get it if you want to, you get it,
you can keep sitting around,
saying what you’re gonna do.
if you don’t pay attention is gonna come back to hunt you,
yeah! make saving one of your habits!
never keep the raisins and plates under the cabinet!
you can get further in life by using the menace,
and all these cellphones tapped their using scanners.
never use your home address, use your nannie’s!
and if you ever have to pull it out, use your hammer!
yeah! white paper ditching!
ha! automatic clutching!
accumulate more than enough shit,
then you’re getting the bill for these…

forget the ladies lil’ brush!
and yeah, don’t stop!
you’re the greatest lil’ brush!
you were made to amaze and bring change lil’ brush!
it takes more than no one brush,
so here’s where we... growing brush!

Jadakiss Ft. Pharrell - Lil' Bruh Mp3


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